A Little History



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After trying my hand at a career in an unrelated, non-creative field and finding little satisfaction or sense of belonging in it, I decided to pursue my dream of going to film school. I started the Media Arts program at Sheridan College in Ontario with thoughts of focusing on cinematography or art direction, but quickly became enamoured with post-production sound, a craft I had not really consciously considered before, and took on as much sound work as I could get my sleep-deprived student hands on. Since graduating in 2013, I’ve been a freelance sound editor and re-recording mixer, and have split my time between a few post houses in Toronto and my small home studio. Lately I’ve been spending much of my time on dialogue and sound effects editorial for film and animated TV shows. When I’m not locked in a dark cutting room or mix stage I like to spend time out in nature hiking, rock climbing and listening.

KM Studio
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